Team White Ballz

White Ballz Lacrosse is always on the hunt for players to be part of Team White Ballz and represent our brand. If you love this game like we do and 'bring it' to every battle.....we'll be looking for you.

Nick Scott

Nick is a team player, he has both size, skill and pure passion for the game. When Nick is not playing lacrosse he is working for White Ballz on new product development.

Daytin Vidovich

Daytin has unlimited potential, he has sick skills and is the hardest working player on the field. Remember this kids name, he has a huge future in lacrosse.

Austen Cooke

'Cooker' is mean but plays clean. He's a fierce competitor and delivers epic hits on his opponents. Keep your head up when this kids' around.

Liam Matthews

Liam is a team leader, he is a gritty player that uses his speed to gain an advantage. Look out for #7, he's the kid with his hands up and the ball is in your goal.